9 Ways The Rosary Prayer Can Improve Your Life...


9 Benefits of Praying the Rosary and How it can improve your life:

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1. It will help you understand the purpose of your life and existence, which therefore will bring more meaning in your life. 

2. Your relationship with God will become closer and He will be more active in helping you with your life. 

3. You will gain a better understanding of right and wrong.  

4. Peace will flood your life.  You will be more at ease because your relationship with God is stronger and Mary is interceding for you.  The Rosary provides protection against negative influences. 

5. You will become more compassionate, empathetic and tolerant of others. 

6. It increases your capacity to love God, love yourself, and love others. 

7. You will have more hope in your life.  The Rosary provides assurance and guidance in times of despair. 

8. Your desire to do wrong will be negated and you will easily overcome temptation. 

9. You will desire goodness, love and peace for all.