Even if you are Super Busy, you can pray ALL the time.

How is it possible to pray ALL the time?  I used to think I had to be living in a monastery or visiting a church or kneeling or sitting still.  I thought I could do none of those.  And that is all nonsense.  Prayer is for each and every one of us.  

I am a mom of 6 kids who works full-time and I try to pray ALL Day.  It is completely imperfect, but my intent is real.  

So how do you pray without ceasing?

All you have to do is live in the present moment.  

You surrender your day, your time, your life all to God.     

When I wake up, before I grab my phone or as I am holding a baby, I pray, "God today is Yours.  Help me to live with You."

That's it.  And then through out the day I try to be as present as possible.  I try. The big word here is try.  There are some days when there is no living in the present.  When I am a basket of worry.  Or I can't stop starting at my phone as I am watching my children.  Or my thoughts are filled with things to do and all that I can't do.  I FAIL every day.  

But then there are a few minutes when I am walking solo to and from a meeting or I am sitting outside watching my children and I am truly living in the moment.  Those are the moments when I say, "Thank You." 


If you are forgetful or your daily life is chaotic, just admit that.  Say help me to live in the present moment.  Help me to accept and live fully where I am.    

It is very simple to pray without ceasing.  You can do it wherever you are.  In the car, walking, running, cleaning, typing, etc.     

"When you pray, go to your private room, and when you have closed the door, pray to your Father who is in that secret place."  (Matthew 6:6)  Do you know where that secret place is?  Your heart, your mind and your soul.  Fill that place with Jesus.  Offer up your time to Him.  Live with Him.  

Remember to pray without ceasing means to live in the present moment.  

And remember sometimes that moment is chaotic or dirty or joyous or sad.  

Just offer it up and be.