An Open Letter to My Children...

An open letter to my Children,

You are here to create the good, the beautiful and the holy. To spread love, to write symphonies, to give birth to the very best inside of you. 

You can turn fear into hope, turmoil into peace. You can uplift the despondent, cheer the unhappy, warm the lonely, and encourage the defeated. 

In turn you must question everything; the law, authority, science, but the only thing you will never have to question is my love for you. 

You have the power and the ability to make a huge difference in this world. In fact, your contribution is one that no one else will be able to make. The world needs you. 

You are a miracle, a priceless treasure. You have qualities and characteristics like no one has ever lived. In all the people who have walked this earth, not one has ever been like you. Nor will there ever be one like you. 

You are here to LOVE big. 

This is your responsibility to God and the world. 

The world is watching and applauding you.