How the Mystery of the Annunciation is the Model of the way we should live...

Mary, in the mystery of her annunciation and visitation, is the very model of the way we should live, because first she received Jesus in her life; then what she had received, she had to share. In every Holy Communion, Jesus the Word becomes flesh in our life - a special, delicate, beautiful gift from God. 

Mary, the only one who was able to affirm with complete sincerity, "This is my body," from that moment on, offered her body, her strength, her whole being, to form the body of Christ.  

Almighty God chose an unborn child to announce the coming of His Son!

Life is the life of God in us. Life is the greatest gift that God has bestowed on human beings, and man has been created in the image of God. Life belongs to God, and we have no right to destroy it. 

Source: Excerpt taken from, "No Greater Love," by Mother Teresa and Thomas Moore.