If you want to live a full life...

If you want to live a full life, contemplate death.  

One of the things Steve Jobs did every morning was ask himself If I were going to die today what would I do?

"Life is to live in a way that we are not afraid to die." - St. Teresa of Avila

When I reach my death I want to have no regrets.

So everyday I aim for heaven.

I aim to have the courage to be myself.

I aim to spend more time with the people I love.

I aim to take more risks.

I aim to live in the moment.

I aim to take care of my spouse.

I aim to enjoy my children.

I aim to touch each person with a smile and joy in my heart.

I aim to contemplate life's big questions every day.

I aim to love God and love others.

I aim to admit fault, say I'm sorry and move forward.

I aim to spend my life giving it to others.

I aim to do good.

I aim to pray because I know I can't do it alone.

I aim to worry less.

I aim to care less about what other people think of me.

I aim to like my job and find the good in it.

I aim to travel if I can, but laugh always.

I aim to look within myself vs what others expect of me.

I aim to live out truth.

I aim to choose happiness.

I aim to love vs. die.