How to be great when you don't know.

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To the teenagers, college students, young adults, or those who don't know what they want to be when they grow up... 

You are not alone.  That was me, and in a way that is still me today.  

I've always been a jack of all trades, master-of-none.  

I like doing lots of different things. 

I like people. 

I like hearing other people's stories.  

I like playing with kids. 

I like math. 

I like reading.  

I like art.  

I like trying new things.  

I like dancing.

I like variety.  

When I asked them what they want to be when they grow up.  

When I asked them what they want to be when they grow up.  


I was very lost in my early 20s. 


As a result, I turned to self-help books and they all said the same thing... 

Imagine you could do anything - what would you do?

Well, I would move to the carribbean, read books, eat pizza and make friends. 

Or follow your passion!  Your passion will lead you to success!

Well, I have many passions.  

And if you told me to do just one I would be miserable.  

I felt the books were written for everyone else.  

For the person that had it all figured out. 

For the person who knew who they were. 

For the person who knew exactly what they wanted.  

I was not that into any one thing to bet my life on it.  


So I spent most of this time wandering. 

I wanted to be purposeful, but I was lost.  

I struggled making a commitment, so I tried everything.  

I even went back for my MBA because I was still uncertain. 

I didn't know what kind of career I wanted and I felt terrible.  


And looking back now I wish someone would of told me - It's ok!

This period is about getting lost.  

It's about embracing the unknown.  

It's about developing who you are. 

It's about trying new things.  

It's about trust.  

It's about faith.  


Every morning start your day with this prayer, 

"God, today I put my life in your hands.  

I trust You are putting me where you need me."

And let the worries go!

Trust God.  

Be present and loving to what is in front of you. 

And this will lead you to greatness.  


Part 2 coming soon.