4 Questions to Ask Your Child Every Day

These are questions to warm their heart and get them thinking outside of themselves.  To guide them to live a life radiated by a moral joy.  I want my children to desire truth, not popularity.  These are easy questions to develop the habit of thinking, "What does life want from me? Where am I being called to help?" 

These questions will help you not only get into their brain, but their heart and you may even laugh at some of their answers. 

1. What did God say to you today?  

Now sometimes they stare blankly for a good 60 seconds and look like a zombie.  And that's ok.  The goal is to shift their thoughts.
There are the sweet responses:
"He told me to help my classmate today."
"He told me to be good."
"He told me He loves me."

And then there are the funny responses:
"He told me I don't have to nap today."
"He told me it is ok to be allergic to people."
"He told me you shouldn't speed when driving to school because you could get arrested."
"He told me the eye of the storm is how the tornado sees."

2. What are you thankful for today? or What is one good thing that happened to you today?

Kids are smart.  So changing the way you ask the question doesn't allow them to always have the same answer.  

Sweet Responses:
"My Mom."
"My Family."
"My goldfish crackers."
"One good thing that happened is I had a long recess."

Funny Responses: 
"I didn't wake up the other humans during nap time."
"My brain is getting bigger because I can read."

3. Who or What would you like to pray for?

This gets me them thinking outside of themselves and we typically ask this question at night.

Sweet responses:
"Pray for the whole world and we all make to Heaven."
"My family."
"For all sick children, especially Tony in my class."

Funny responses:
"That Jesus' comes to my birthday party."
"That my brother becomes less annoying."
"That Dad gives me dessert for breakfast."

4. How did you show love today?

Sweet responses: 
"By hugging my brother."
"By listening to my teacher."

Funny responses:
"I didn't hit my brother when he stole my Power Ranger."
"I gave my brother my melted ice cream."