New Year's Tradition with Kids...

We keep it Simple.  

One Notebook.  One Pen.   

We ask them to write:

5 Things you are thankful for that occurred in 2016. 

5 Things that you would like to do and/or achieve in 2017.  

Apparently my 8-year old daughter would like to learn about Ancient Greece in 2017 (#3).  So I will try to help her with that with the assistance of Google.  Her #2 is my favorite, learn to laugh more.  

My husband and I also write in the notebook to hold us accountable.  

Another family who had adult children told us they had been doing it for 20+ years and it brings them great joy now to look back and see what they accomplished through out the years.  And since I don't remember anything I thought it would be a great tradition to add to our family.  

Cheers to your beautiful family!