God is Enough.

I went to see the doctor this past week for my yearly check-up that never happens every year.  

The last time he saw me was after I had delivered our 5th child.  

After I told him our 6th baby is almost 1, he kept repeating, "You are extreme. Really extreme. I don't know anyone like you and your husband. How do you do it all?"

Me... "Prayer."


Doctor now laughing, "No really... I know a lot of people. I meet a lot of people. And I don't know anyone who does what you guys do."

Me... (now laughing as if my ability to procreate is really hilarious) "It really is not me. I don't know how anything gets accomplished."  

Doctor, "I really think it is your attitudes. You just have an attitude that anything can be done."

Me... "I think that is called faith."  

I've been thinking about that appointment.  

I know my life is radical, but it doesn't feel right to take credit for it.  When I look back over the past 10 years there is no way I could have accomplished my life or even dreamed it up on my own.  I'm not that smart or ambitious.       

What is Faith?

Faith is believing in the unknown.  

It is resisting control and surrendering your life to God.

It is finding joy in the present moment and worrying less about the unknown.  

It is yielding yourself, with a humble heart, to God, who loves you more than anyone or anything.  

It is an ongoing set of opportunities to say yes to God.  

It requires taking risk.  But the more you say yes and thank You, the easier it will become.

If you take a lot of risk, the reward will be even greater.   

Faith is what gets you started. 

Hope is what keeps you going. 

Love is what brings peace to your soul.