Life of a Working Mom Uncensored.


1. You feel like an Imposter most days, trying to be everything to everybody.    

2. You outsource as much as you can, except sex with your husband. 

3. You are never fully certain when your children's homework is due, but you can bet your a** it's tomorrow. 

4. You miss having friends, but for now, the holy spirit and dry shampoo will do.  

5. You worry people at work question your dedication, you worry you are missing out with your children, and you worry you are never doing enough.   

6. You know the money you will earn is already spent. 

7. Your home is clean for about 5 minutes a year.  

8. You are shocked that your husband gets a standing ovation for changing a diaper. 

9. You dream about your to-do list.  

10. You are tired of validating why you are a working mother, when you know you are only trying to do what is best for your family right now.  

You admire and want to salute all moms, because all moms never stop working.