Kids need a Happy Mom.

Moms, be who you are and you will set the whole world on fire.  

Being a working mother of 6 kids people are always imagining I am missing my kid's childhood.  That I am absent.  That I will stunt my children's growth.  That my choice to work is bad.  


But what I believe matters the most is that I am happy.  That my marriage is thriving.  That the time with my kids is cherished and well spent.  That even though my tank is on empty, I believe the fuel was used appropriately.   

And for me, right now, for our family, working makes me happy.  

The structure, the independence, the good ole' pat on the back from the boss who tells me - "you are doing a great job!" are all main contributors. 

I love being with my kids and I also love working with adults.  

I like a variety of work through out my day.  

I enjoy developing a craft that I can call my own that also benefits my family. 

I am better at time management.

I like my husband more. 

I like getting paid.   

The quality of time with my children is better, because I know it is limited.    

And my children give my work a tremendous amount of meaning.  As much as I do it for myself I also do it for them.     

And this is not a claim that working is best.  

There were times when I would rather be at home.   

And then I've been on maternity leave and I can't wait for my husband to arrive so I can go running in a thunderstorm.

No matter your situation as a mother I know it is hard.  Choose the path that is best for you and your family.  And do not discount your happiness.  Because that matters.