Stay-at-Home Mom, Working Mom, Part-time Working Mom...

To the stay-at-home mom who never stops working...
You work 24/7 but you are still asked why you don't work.
I know you never stop and you never get a break.
I know how you feel.

To the working mom who does 50 different things all day, while wearing 10 different hats, but can't remember one thing she did all day except the ONE thing she didn't do. I know you are overwhelmed.
I know how you feel.

To the part-time working mom who is expected to do the work of a full-time employee with less hours yet also still manages to care for her children every-step-of-the-way. I know you feel pulled in too many directions and you question there must be an easier way.
I know how you feel.

To all Moms, I don't know how you do it. Because I know for me, I am just winging it... Motherhood, Life, my crazy hair.

But I know I admire your infinite patience, your ability to face each day tirelessly and your loving dedication to your family. I admire the way you choose to work, whether that is volunteering at school, presenting a work project, or cooking a nice meal. I know you want your children to feel loved and I know you do this the best way you know possible.

I applaud you for continuously putting someone else's happiness and well-being above your own. Because that is love. And we love you for it.