When It is a LONG day...

Today is a LONG day. Watching little kids all day is like a race to insanity and the test is who will crack first? Them or ME. 

I have 8 years experience with parenting and every time the challenge feels the same.  
Sometimes I erupt and feel like a scary Monster. I apologize later. 
Sometimes I let a kid experiment painting their face with chocolate because I am too tired to see.
Sometimes I put them in their room at 6:30pm for bed and would rather yell 50 times over, "Go to Bed!" And bribe them with breakfast choices that include fruity loops, rainbow charms, or let's get cuckoo for chocolate puffs cereal that is devoid of all nutrition. Whatever it takes, just go to BED. 

I love my life. I love my kids. I am thankful for my husband. And every day I thank God for the challenge, even when I fail, because I know it is stripping all the wrong in me. Because leading through Serving Is HARD. 

So if you're out there giving more than you can, know that you're not the only one. Cheers to the Givers.